"An approach that is holistic in nature."


To provide the best medical care following evidence based guidelines by compassionate and up to date providers.  BIMA will offer first class customer service.  BIMA will be involved in our patients’ lives as we are needed to be there.  We will focus on wellness and set the goal of living an active lifestyle past 90. BIMA will coordinate patients care across the medical platform and be the trusted quarterback breaking the traditional delivery model and stepping outside of the brick and mortar of the office engaging our patients via email, text messages, and virtual office visits.   BIMA views change not as a threat but as an opportunity.  BIMA will remain the market leader in innovation.


BIMA will be a premier medical practice which encourages the focus on the whole patient through team based care where every team member is practicing at the top of their license while remaining positive and patient centered in this quickly changing world.

"We believe that the quality of life depends on a shared responsibility of patients, staff, and the community."


With an approach that is holistic in nature, we believe in treating our patients and clients in a manner that doesn’t only treat ailments and diseases, but also enables them to thrive and flourish in their health. Located in St. Vincent’s One-Nineteen’s state-of-the-art facility on Cahaba Valley Road, we are able to offer easy access to laboratory and diagnostic imaging studies on-site, and often same-day testing is available. Using the BIMA patient portal you will be able to communicate with your doctor twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, without the need to find time to make a phone call. Among the many wellness programs featured at BIMA are our Chronic-Condition Management program, our low-cost Virtual Office Visit option, and our physician-monitored BIMAfit weight-loss plan that includes dietitian support.

Our approach to empowering the healthy patient may sound different to you – and it is. The physicians and staff at BIMA seek to ensure our patients are well in body and soul. We promise to always provide compassionate care, because as partners in your health, we know that caring is our calling. If you have chosen to partner with Birmingham Internal Medicine Associates in your healthcare, we take that partnership seriously, and we look forward to a long and “healthy” relationship together.





7191 Cahaba Valley Road (AL-119)

Suite 300

Birmingham, AL 35242